Mr Koh Poh Tiong retires as Chairman, succeeded by Ms Junie Foo

Singapore, 26 July 2021 – After 14 years of service, Mr Koh Poh Tiong is stepping

down as Council Chairman of Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) and is passing

the baton of leadership to Ms Junie Foo who is a Chief Executive Officer at

Methodist Welfare Services and the President of the Singapore Council of Women’s

Organisation (SCWO). She joined the SKM Council in 2019.

Mr Koh Poh Tiong retires as Chairman, succeeded by Ms Junie Foo


Ms Junie Foo, Chairman of Singapore Kindness Movement

SKM has garnered many outstanding recognitions for innovative messaging and

marketing under his watch. The Graciousness Survey which evaluates the standard

of graciousness amongst Singaporeans has been trending upwards from a low of 53

points to the current 71.


The Ground-up Movements pioneered by SKM has grown to more than 100

galvanizing more than several thousand volunteers who are proactively involved in

promoting kindness initiatives in numerous ways.


Some outstanding milestones include:


  • At the start of Mr Koh’s tenure in 2009, SKM did a vigorous re-launch urging

all Singaporeans to let kindness show. With the re-launch, SKM achieved

success in all sectors, particularly in the areas of public places and schools,

launching the theme “Kindness Bring It On” and Singa Everywhere that year.

SKM partnered with transport agencies to launch a campaign called ‘A Happy

Journey Starts Like That!’ that starred TV characters, Phua Chu Kang and

Rosie where they encouraged commuters to display graciousness on public

transport.● The following year, SKM participated in the Singapore Youth Olympic Games, the biggest event that Singapore has hosted on the international stage. SKM

rallied Singaporeans to be friendly hosts and help our foreign friends feel

welcomed with the slogan of ‘Let’s Champion a smile!’.


  • In 2011, the Kindsville series was first launched, leading to the opening of the

Kindness Gallery in 2012. A new theme was introduced in 2013, “A Nation of

Kindness Starts With One”.


  • To show appreciation to the secondary school students in Uniformed Groups

who have completed projects that promote kindness and graciousness within

their schools and in the community, SKM launched the Kindness Badge

Award in 2014. That same year, SKM launched Awkward Ah Seng the series.


  • In 2015, SKM released the first short film titled “Mud Doll”, receiving

acclamations and an overwhelming positive viewership of 3 million views.

Friend of Singa, a school-based programme, also celebrated their silver

anniversary that same year.


  • In 2016, SKM launched an editorial content platform called “The Pride” to

share and amplify positive stories in Singapore. The theme “Kindness. It’s Up

To Us.” also took place, plastering print ads all over the country.


  • In 2017, SKM supported SG Cares in its official launch at Our Tampines Hub

in January and completed the year with some outstanding messaging by

broadcasting 18 episodes of Ben & Bang on Youtube, television and cinema,

in partnership with Public Hygiene Council and 4 cinema chain operators.


  • That following year, the call to action was levelled up, calling Singaporeans to

become better versions of themselves, for a more gracious Singapore. This

led to introducing the “Be Greater” tagline which is still present in SKM’sactivations today.


  • The same year, SKM partnered with Science Centre Singapore to co-produce

The Science of Kindness Musical which played a dozen times to full-houses

comprising a total audience of some 5,000 adults and children.


  • During the start of COVID19, SKM pushed a series of uplifting activations to

encourage Singaporeans during the 2020 circuit breaker to overcome

Covid-19 with kindness. A tribute video of our frontline heroes was released,

which received widespread media coverage from various media outlets.


  • Wrapping up Mr Koh’s 14th year in SKM, SKM launched a vernacular series,

‘Be Kind, Be Happy’. This series showcased General Secretary, Dr William

Wan and renowned actor, Moses Lim, engaging in light-hearted conversations

on how to improve neighbourliness amongst Singaporeans. The series

garnered an outstanding response of more than 237k views for each episode,

leading SKM to air a second season this coming August 2021.


Mr Koh said, “I am privileged and honoured to have had the opportunity to serve

SKM over the past 14 years. I am very grateful that SKM has received the

cooperation and unstinting support of the Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth

(MCCY) as well as various partners in the community, without which SKM would not

have been able to carry out its mission effectively – nurturing Singapore into a more

gracious and kinder society. I feel extremely blessed to have been able to work closely

with a strong and competent Council with diverse talents and an excellent Management

Team under the passionate leadership of General Secretary, Dr William Wan. I thank

MCCY, our partners, Council members (past and present), management and staff for all

their contributions. While we have made progress over the years, it is a continuing

journey. I sincerely hope MCCY, our partners, Singaporeans and residents will

continue to support SKM and my successor, Ms Foo. Given her wide and rich

experience, I have every confidence that she will be able to lead SKM to create a

greater positive impact on our society in its next phase of development in the yearsto come.”


Ms Foo is a mentor and a champion for women to advance into senior leadership

roles. She advocates for gender diversity within organisations because it is both a

socially responsible measure and a recipe for business success.

Effectively trilingual in English, Mandarin and Japanese, Ms Foo was the first female

non-Japanese in Asia Oceania to join the Corporate Banking Division’s management

team of a Japanese financial institution in 2015.


After a prolific 28-year career in banking, having held several senior management

positions at international financial institutions, she left to serve in the not-for-profit

sector in 2018 to create a bigger impact.


Said Ms Foo, “I am humbled by this appointment and extremely excited at the

prospect of working with the team at SKM and helping to build a generation of

Singaporeans who are kind and considerate.”


SKM greatly appreciates Mr Koh Poh Tiong for all his contributions to the

organisation and wishes him the best in all his future endeavours. At the same time,

SKM looks forward to welcoming the incoming Chairman, Ms Junie Foo.


About Singapore Kindness Movement

Kindness is in everyone. The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) wants to

encourage everyone to start, show and share kindness. We aspire to inspire

graciousness – one kind act at a time. By sparing a thought for the people around

us, we hope to create a gracious society and make life better for you and me. SKM is

a non-government, non-profit organisation, as well as a registered charity and

Institution of Public Character.


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